If Love Alone

If Love Alone

Our hands held you ever so closely,
to the lovestrings of our hearts.
We never thought we'd lose you,
or that, so suddenly, you'd depart.

Memories of you strengthen us,
as we continue on with our lives.
Not a single day, a single hour goes by,
that the image of you isn't before our eyes.

It seems as only yesterday,
you held so tightly onto my hand.
And now, you've gone to live in Heaven,
and are now one in the Angels' band.

If love alone could have saved you,
you would be with us still.
We loved you ever so deeply,
and we always will.

Though death has come between us,
you shall always be here in our hearts.
We hold you close in memory,
just as we did,
before your journey to Heaven, you embarked.

~ In memory of Laci Peterson ~

Sandra Lewis Pringle,
Author of Singing Loudly as Lions Roar.
All Rights Reserved.

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