Complete guide for a college leaver looking for employment – moved to

N number of tips will also fall short for an aspiring candidate of a successful career. Employment is never happier until and unless a person gets involved in it and works with interest and proper knowledge of what is required. Skill sets, academics, moral values, money are all factors that influence a career. If you are a college leaver here is a guide to look for employment

    1. Read magazines and newspapers about employment to keep you updated about the vacancies
    2. Subscribe to email alerts from job portals
    3. Create and upload a resume/CV so that employers can have you noted.
    4. Beware of the scams which take money to get you an employment
    5. Improve your language and presentation while appearing for a personal interview
    6. Understand the job profile before you apply
  1. Read carefully the job prospects

These are just a few points and there are a lot more to check out when you are looking for employment. It is important to browse online for the various updates in the employment industry. Salary is an important factor and so are the paid leaves. In the course of a career, you may come under situations where you have to struggle with the human resource team about paid leaves. While reading online, I find this article about the right to unpaid leave very useful which explains in detail about the rules and regulations about pay under the law. Jobs 101 is a good portal to read and understand more about the finances in a career. Also, as a college leaver, you will get a greater understanding of how a salary is split, how well you can manage your money for a brighter future with a successful career.