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A small gesture can go a long way!
Do you want to do a fundraiser in school and college but do not know how to go about it? let me suggest you that you order customized silicone wristbands from us and the sale proceeds can be donated to the chosen charity.

But why wristbands you ask:

Apart from a host of physical benefits of the material that we use, there is not only additional psychological reason but also other reasons that should let you choose them in order to start with.’

Let me explain with a case:

For hypothetical reasons, let’s name the institution ABC school which wants to raise a fund for the victims of domestic violence or create a corpus for the setting up of a library at an orphanage. Now, when the kids buy the wristband from the office, they also know that the sale proceeds are going for a good cause and that gives them an egoistic satisfaction of being helpful in a noble cause. This is extremely beneficial in his growth process.’

Silicone is hypoallergenic and is durable:

The material that we use to create the wristbands is sans any allergens. There are thousands of colors that can be produced. We do not use any chemicals in manufacturing them and the message is engraved using the heat technology and so there again no harsh chemicals are used in the entire process.

The material is water resistant and can be washed and dried clean. So, it is quite hygienic too. The wristbands have a long life of minimum ten to twelve years and they are not prone to fungus attacks either.

Every time, the kid will look at his wrist, it will remind him of his commitment towards the cause. Also, it helps him socialize by telling the others that he is committed to the cause. Besides that peer activism is always possible when they have a common symbol and a goal to look forward to!…