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So the last time you had used a doctor’s template to fake the disease. If you are using the same template each time then make sure that you have proof to say that all the ailments are a form of the same practice. You can use the same formatting them. But in case you had hurt your foot the last time however now you have a stomach ache or a problem in your eye, then make sure that you do not keep the same format.

If you see the records and there are records of a dozen doctors yet all the forms are alike, then it can raise a suspicion. So think out some general things like is the doctor now the same doctor that you had used the last time. If necessary it is a great practice to keep the sets that you have submitted at home. If you are going to fake the medical records more than once then make sure that you remember wheat you had done before.

The article on fake doctors note also mentions the importance of using some medical jargons before you submit the fake template. The doctors need specialised words to do their jobs and these words have an exacting meaning. It allows them to communicate as humanly as possible when they are in a hurry. And because they talk using jargons all day, it eventually becomes a habit for them.

So make sure that when you are writing a fake doctors note you do not use simple and plain English. Write your first draft in simple language and then look up for medical terms and abbreviations and translate the note that you have written to make it look more real using the standard medical jargons. This will make the fake note look more real.…