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We always here people talking about the advantages of getting musical instruments and music lessons for children, but a lot of the time we never actually hear what these amazing benefits are.  Well, there isn’t some magical music fairy who comes and sprinkles stardust over your child once they pick up their instrument.  Scientific studies have proven that music and playing instruments can have a positive affect on growing and developing children. We’d like to give you three clear reasons why you should think about getting music lessons for your kids

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1. Cognitive and physical development 

Many studies have shown how learning to play music has an impact on a child’s cognitive development.  Through learning to play, children are exposed to a variety of sounds and tones, and they learn to recognize patterns and movements within the music.  They also learn about cause and effect, such as how manipulating the instrument in different ways produces different sounds. Learning to identify and understand different sounds also helps them with language and literacy skills.

Playing music is also a physical process, and through learning how to use their bodies with the instrument in order to make sounds, your children will be developing their motor functions, hand to eye coordination and spatial awareness as well.

2. Emotional development

The parts of the brain that deal with music are strongly tied to the parts that deal with emotions, so an interest in music can help with emotional development in our children.

Playing an instrument can help them express themselves, and they can deal with anxiety and stress through playing songs. It enhances their creativity and gives them an outlet for their imagination.   Music is also a great way for kids to relax and let off a little steam after a hard day at school or on the sports field.


3. Discipline and Perseverance

It takes effort, dedication and time to learn a music instrument.  It teaches children discipline, as they have to pay attention in lessons and practice outside of lessons. IT is also a good process for them to learn perseverance, as they will have a lot of humps and obstacles to overcome in their playing. Moreover, it will teach them that through hard work and not giving up, they can achieve great things.

And remember, if your child learns how to practice and get good with a musical instrument, they will know how to practice and get good with anything.  This really is a transferable skill of ‘learning how to learn’ that will benefit them in all aspects of their lives.…