Best educational toys

Today’s parents are on the edge and they want their kids to learn even from their playtime. It is no wondered therefore that there are so many educational apps on your phones and tablets.Today’s toys make playtime into education. The current day toys are built to bring about not only brain development but also improve gross, motor, cognitive and sensory skills; they are built for the overall growth of a child.

Tips to select the best educational toys for your child

Here are a few guiding tips on choosing the right toys for your child based on their age.

  • Baby toys: In infancy, not only visually appealing but also tactile and kinesthetic toys play a significant role in brain growth. Therefore, baby toys are always brightly colored and are designed to produce various sounds, light up and move. They come in various textures too. Mobiles and toys that produce various sounds are popular with the really small babies while building blocks, books and stacking toys are suitable for babies that have learned to sit up which is usually around 6 months of age.
  • Toddler toys: This is a stage where these little bundles of energy must be given the opportunity to keep their hands engaged. Coloring and play-doh are the best options. You can intersperse it with educational puzzles and construction toys. These toys fine-tune their motor skills.
  • Ages 3-5: At this stage, parents can introduce electronic games that build their vocabulary and number skills. This stage is also for loads of physical activity like climbing gyms, running biking etc.
  • Elementary school: This age kids need more visual stimulation and mental challenges. Electronic quizzing games are great to inculcate critical thinking and verbal skills into playtime. Then there are some really cool toys for boys age 11 and above in the form of model airplanes, cars and chemistry sets that fine-tune their motor skills. Girls can play all of these and also indulge in jewelry making which improves their imagination and hand-eye