Month: December 2018

One can never know when an emergency will strike and you might have to deliver emergency care in that situation. Especially when you got kids or have elderly adults at home you should know basics about dealing with an emergency situation. There are various sites you could learn more about it. At ApexHealth you can get all your queries cleared.  Below mentioned are few basic first aid skills that everyone should be aware of.

Skills to be aware of

Stopping heavy bleeding- Whenever someone is heavily bleeding, you need to form a blood clot or else they would bleed out. You could easily stop bleeding by applying pressure on wound ideally using a sterile cloth. If you don’t have a sterile cloth you could use a ripped piece of any cloth. Also, you should be able to recognize signs of the arterial bleeding. The arterial wounds would pulsate while bleeding and the blood would be bright red. It’s very much essential that you apply pressure on wound immediately and do not loosen the pressure till medical professional arrives.

Treating shock- When enough blood is not getting to the brain, the shock occurs. Victim of shock would feel dizzy, faint or disoriented and will also look very much pale. Usually, shock happens after an infection or serious loss of fluid or blood, illness, accident or an allergic reaction. In order to treat shock, you should make the person lie on his back with feet raised high. Use a blanket to cover the person to keep them warm.  Do not give them anything to drink as they might choke and if they bleed or vomit move them onto their side.

Nosebleeds- Whenever nosebleed happens do no ask the victim to lie down or raise their head, this will worsen bleeding. Just pinch nostril closed for at least 10 minutes to allow the broken vein to close itself.

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