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I guess that my gift of writing began when I was a child, and first jotted down a few lines in rhyme, many years ago.

As the years went by, I soon began to fill notebooks with poems, thoughts, and various prayers, which I would occasionally write for special gatherings, that I shared with mostly family.

Several years ago, however, I was going through a period of grief and mourning. It was a low time of my life. Until this time, I had never realized the need for my sharing the gift which God had so generously shared with me. I use His words, so He deserves the credit entirely.

On one particular night, Our Lord Jesus came into my room. He asked me to come with Him. I followed Him into a church. We stood at the front of this church together, overlooking the congregation seated.

The congregation looked normal, everyone clean and neatly dressed. As I turned to look at Him, He told me to look again at the congregation.

As I turned my eyes back upon the people, they could not believe what they were seeing. Where the women's blouses and dresses were fastened over their hearts, and where the men's shirts and ties were covering theirs, there appeared to be open and gaping wounds. Their hearts were all bleeding.

I gasped at the sight, and I turned to look at Our Lord Jesus. As I did so, He said, "My people are hurting and are in pain." He told me that He had given me the words of encouragement and comfort for His people, and He wanted me to share.

This has been several years ago, and I began to send notes, cards, and to some, even poems, to all that I knew who I thought, needed to be encouraged. Then, one morning, He led me to the computer.

From that day until this, I have been online every single day, sending prayers, words of encouragement to those who are indeed, in pain.

This is how I began to share His words, and I pray that the words I write do bless and comfort. If I had to choose between writing and eating, I would choose writing, from my heart, to yours. I do not feel comfortable without a pen in my hand.

I cannot honestly take the praise or the glory for any writing I might do. I only ask that He use me to encourage others to know Him personally, as I am able to. He is a personal Christ and Savior, and He is willing to share Himself with all.

May God bless all that read His words, from my hand. I feel that this is my true calling, my purpose in this life. I want to do my best.

If you do not know Jesus Christ, if you do not know Him personally, take the time to get to know Him. You will find that He is a very warm, and caring person, and He will lead and guide you every day, always forgiving, always loving, always merciful. He has the best pathway in mind for you, even better than the one you may have planned for yourself.

Contact me if you would like to receive my daily devotional on Monday thru Friday, called Morning Glorythoughts.

Sandra Lewis Pringle

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